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The following protective factors have been seen to help individuals who are suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum problems: Early Detection: children who are confirmed earlier have better prognosis compared to those who are not diagnosed early.

The earlier a child with fetal alcohol syndrome is positioned in the right educational schools and offered needed social services, the better the prognosis.

Unfortunately, in the first trimester most mothers don’t find out that they are pregnantimmediately.

It is also useful if children with fetal alcohol syndrome and their families are given social services like reprieve care, stress debriefing education or action organization education as they typically have more optimistic results than families who do not obtain those types of services.

Even occasional and moderate drinking may cause damage to the nervous system that is being developed.

The following are the symptoms and signs of infants who may have fetal alcohol syndrome: Foot nail dystrophy pictures in goldenhar syndrome Source – The difficulties related to fetal alcohol syndrome are likely to increase as children age.

Alcohol in beer, wine, liquor and other alcoholic beverages is the main cause of physical and psychological congenital abnormalities in the US.

The good thing is it can be prevented by not taking alcohol.

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