Software update services updating drivers

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Problems with Windows Update are quite common: already installed updates keep coming back after a restart or Windows Update shows an error message and refuses to go on.Many of these problems can be solved easily by resetting Windows Update!To delete the undo files, remove all the hidden folders starting with a "$" in the folder C:\WINDOWS (this can free a lot of hard disk space!) The folder $hf_mig$ is the only exception to this rule.

After you have installed Windows, the device drivers, a firewall and setup the internet connection, the first thing to do is updating the Windows software.The next step is to delete the (content of) folder C:\Windows\Software Distribution (which contain the update history and downloaded updates) using the Windows Explorer.Although it is not necessary, this folder can be used as back-up by simply renaming it to Software Distribution (in stead of deleting the folder).This will delete the update installation files and the update history and restore the update function.Resetting Windows Update Before resetting Windows Update, it is necessary to stop the service Windows update temporarily, therefore right click this service and choose Stop.

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