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The Chinese have a keen thirst to understand how the west behave and how we think - sadly, many in this part of the world have such a backwards and arrogant view on life that they don't share reciprocal sentiments.If you're ever being interviewed by Chinese journalists be prepared to answer questions like 'what's your blood type' (I once answered blue, and am convinced the faithful reprinting of this is why I still get work there) and 'how much do you earn in a month?At a time when Britain is struggling for an identity and so many of our commodities are produced in other countries, we should remember that the rest of the world still looks to Britain as the arbiters of civility.A crown that could be lost if our pandering to trendy fads and building laziness continues.In a weird turn of events, as I start my eleventh year in etiquette, I find myself preparing for a two-week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with my colleague and friend Diana Mather.The Etiquette Show: Much Ado About Everything is a tongue-in-teacup romp through the history and background to everyday etiquette where many more stories of teaching manners around the globe will be shared, as well as promoting a greater understanding as to why we need etiquette now more than ever.Being an etiquette coach is an actual job: despite what Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs annually tell me. If Donald Trump can be President and Paul Burrell can still get work, then there'll be no stopping me.

I had free-reign as far as activities for his time in London; prime seats for big West End shows would be found with two hours notice if he suddenly wanted to go to the theatre, and we'd have VIP tours around safari parks and other amusements. So much so the child insisted I walk behind his incontinent pony during his riding lessons through Hyde Park.As of May 2008, 31.3% of elementary school students, and 57.6% of middle school students own a cell phone, with many of them accessing the Internet through them. The first camera phone J-Phone (Stylized as 写メール, which stands for Photo-Mail) was released in November 2000, and not only included a camera but also the function to send photographs via messaging or E-mail, which made the phone extremely popular at the time.Technologies like 3G Mobile Broadband were common in Japan before any other country.Have you ever had to take a prince to meet his family in Harrod's while your stay-crease action-slacks are covered in muck? Since 2011 I've been travelling to China five or six times a year to teach the willing throngs how to behave here in the UK.The types of courses offered are ones that would hardly get booked in Britain.

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