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I grabbed a bite to eat and a diet Coke, got undressed and waited for the party to start. He was obviously experienced in the lifestyle and not new to bi-events. At the Bi parties, Jack doesn't play, in fact he has stayed fully dressed both times I've seen them. But Diane just loves to see 2 guys playing together. So when they come, it's for her to get worked up and rock his world when they go home.As people started drifting in, I got the feeling it was going to be a good night. She is a total babe, so it is easy for her to have guys give her what she wants. There wasn't much going on yet, so I just sat on the couch to see what developed.So one of the other guys is getting close too, but he figures the night is too young and he isn't ready. All into my mouth, but like in a porno, so she could see every spurt. I laid back on the bed and Diane gave me a big hug and thanked me. I was talking with Diane for a bit, trying to lay the groundwork for getting her boyfriend to join us sometime. We knew they were straight and first timers to the bi-parties, so we kept it pretty straight and just let them get used to the fact that there was stuff going on besides just straight swinging. When we make our way into the play room, there are about 7 guys and Lucy.Diane was able to coax him just a little, and her big, brown eyes asking him was all it took. Since I know what she wanted to see, I made sure to keep my mouth open and close to his cock. After he finished cumming, I gave his cock a quick suck to get the last little bit, then spit it out into a trash can. I'd be willing to suck his cock if it got her out of her miniskirt, and I don't know what kind of cock he has. Hopefully, she is getting him to consider it for next time. His cock is a little on the smaller side - maybe 5", and cut. As she gets out of her dress, I lay down on the bed and she gets on top of me in a 69.But for now, I am happy being the 3rd when I get that chance. Club Fantasy is a local swing club here in Southern California. At these parties, everyone dresses down when you get there. For the ladies, nude, underwear or at least something sexy.

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He was wrapping his towel as I walked by, and his cock looked like it had potential - nice. I'm mostly straight, but I do like to suck a nice cock. There is something about feeling a hard cock in your mouth, especially when it throbs and grows when someone is ready to cum. I have a 7" circumcised cock, I guess a little above average.Things are really heating up now, and I'm trying to hold off as long as I can. But it's just too intense, and I blow a huge load up into Lucy's face.Just as I'm pushing Lucy's hands off my now very sensitive cock, Chuck cums again, mostly onto my chest.

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