Liquidating property

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Disgraced Irish solicitor Michael Lynn used about €3 million belonging to his Kendar Holdings foreign property company to fund his personal lifestyle, the High Court has heard.

The expenditure included £25,000 on a private box at the redeveloped Wembley Stadium in London and €301,000 in a pension fund for his retirement.

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However, counsel said trial management accounts were created based on various bank accounts, including Lynn’s own personal account into which various large cash payments were made.

After initial contact we will visit your property and take a look at a sampling of the items (guest rooms, common areas) that you will be replacing.

We will then provide you with a written proposal within two days.

While Mr Lynn had offered assistance, he never actually gave any information.

In fact, Mr Lynn demanded information from the liquidator and made various allegations against the liquidator, counsel said.

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