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When you’re shopping, you’re probably not thinking about donating to charity or giving back.

Instead, you’re focusing on that cute pair of shoes or that new top you really want.

For every item sold, they donate a book to a community in need through Books For Africa.

Buy it from Out of Print Clothing for .00Ivory Ella is a line of t-shirts designed to help elephants, who are in danger of becoming extinct. They've only been up for a few weeks and have already donated over ,000 to Save the Elephants.

Disclaimer: Go HD is a fully automatic adult site with twink galleries.

Buy it from Fashion Project for .00Out of Print sells clothes and accessories featuring awesome book covers, many of which are not printed anymore.

Buy it from Ivory Ella for .00Elegantees aims to help rescued sex trafficking victims in Nepal.

Their items are made by rescued women who are taught how to sew in a safe environment as part of their recovery process.

Buy it from Love Your Melon for .00Too Apparel makes underwear charitable by donating one pair of underwear to a women's shelter for every purchase.

Everyone needs underwear so you might as well help people while buying it!

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