Dating on myspace

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People who still have Myspace accounts are being urged to delete them as soon as they can.

A cyber security expert has discovered serious issues with a tool the site offers to people who want to regain access to their old accounts.

“Myspace only validates name, username and date of birth,” she says.

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Date of birth is probably the hardest of all three to obtain, but not impossible.” Lots of people list their date of birth on their Facebook profile, and some even list it on Twitter.

As Ms Galloway explains, “This vulnerability allows anyone access to any Myspace account, with only three pieces of information.” She added: “If there is a possibility that you still have account on Myspace, I recommend you delete your account immediately.” She alerted Myspace to the problem in April, and only received an automated response from the company, which last year revealed that 360 million accounts were compromised as part of a massive hack dating back to 2013.

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