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Some believe leadership is innate, others think it can be taught... How do you measure success Is there any perceived weakness in your application that you would like to address ? ""Tell me about a time your powers of persuasion failed?

What clubs and activities would you get involved in at Wharton ? "telling me why you have made the decisions you made.)We tore out the original cabinet and replaced it with a small old washstand that I think we picked up at the same auction.It was in terrible condition so I didn't have any qualms about drilling holes in it.Do you have anything else you would like to talk about ? Difficult to know where to start but once you get going its quite simple. You say Wharton would build your leadership skills - How? Analyze yourself and tell me three strengths and three weaknesses. Careerwise, was there anything in the last five years that you would have done differently? I wish I had known about the grading system What will your impact be on the school when you have left?How would you handle a conflict in your learning team? At your graduation ceremony, what do you think you would be reflecting that you hadcontributed to Wharton, and how would you have changed? If you were in a study group with one member who was overbearing and one member who was very reticent, how would you handle the situation?

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