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An earlier hypothesis on the issue has suggested firm breasts indicate fertility, and men are therefore expected to prefer firm breasts. “Virtually all previous studies focused on breasts size and none of them tested for breast shape preferences,” he told Psy Post in an interview. Are we that obsessed with discussing size that we’re only just now asking this question?

“We found cross-culturally consistent preference for firm breasts which are typical for women in young adulthood.” So there you go.

While fakes may look great to fill out clothing, they just don't look right naked." Of the guys I talked to, in fact, a majority asserted that they found natural breasts more attractive than breasts that had been surgically augmented.

Usually if the girl is unhappy with the size or shape of her breasts, she will opt to have implant surgery to be better able to compete with the other entertainers in the industry to make more money." I asked him about the women who get what appear to be particularly grotesque large implants and the motivation behind that.

In his mind, breast enhancement shows a woman cares about her appearance. "Even if they were petite," he tells me, "I sought their attention and gave them mine over some gal with big, hard, stretched-out fake tits. The feeling of a naked or near-naked woman in your lap is never a bad thing in my book.

My taste in porn is the same as in a club -- I am consistent. I also do not get turned on by big, hanging, natural udders." Then there are men like Bob in Buffalo, New York, whose wife has one real breast; the other was taken in a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

They also have borderline issues with functioning socially and eating behaviours (file picture)The team of doctors at Boston's Children's Hospital found early medical interventions, including weight control, mental health counselling and even surgery, could help young women struggling with asymmetrical breasts.

Dr Brian Labow, who carried out the research said: 'These findings suggest that patients suffering from breast asymmetry have poorer emotional well-being and lower self-esteem than their female peers.' The impact was similar to girls with macromastia – a condition with a known mental health impact - as well as in boys with enlarged breasts and even women with differences in the breasts related to breast cancer surgery. S., where the study was carried out, Dr Labow noted that although there is insurance coverage for surgery to correct asymmetry in breast cancer survivors because the impact on mental health is well understood, no provision exists for young women born with different-sized breasts.

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