Atreian atlas not updating

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I've heard of other ways to make aion online gold in the game, there's begging, those gambling games, even back in the day I'd make bets against other DPS in my raid that I'd beat them so we'd put a wager on it. Burger joints and assassins for hire alike touted this business motto long before the game. Both new and veteran AION gamers can either visit the "Truly-Free" website to learn details about the b..... A lot of people actually appear like friends, and many are not aion kinah friends of friends did not appear like friends. The AION development team is currently working on AION free-to-play's most extensive update so far. Their price seems also quite reasonable, with the current rate exchange it’s around 4,1 euro/month, or 3,8 if you pay for 3 months at once.

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The only way I could get a decent ping to NA has been through using Battleping tunneling service, with these results: now that’s so much nicer, ~playable and stable ping with no spikes.

To properly set it up, follow these simple steps: . If you don’t see that, then something is wrong, and the game isn’t using batlleping.

“Texas 4” worked the best for me, but you may try different ones and see if you get a better ping. Note that you might see better ping in the server choice window with different servers, but it doesn’t mean you will have that ping in-game. In the case of Aion sometimes it only shows up after you get to the Login screen and connect to the game.

Translations for the program are also not planned, there is no need to translate software when it’s available in English.

Back a year ago when Hackforge acquired the European Aion userbase, they said something like “gold pack will prevent bots and goldsellers etc”, implying the system would prevent that and also provide the support staff for it and a better customer service. I see our money is put to good use preventing botters and goldselling, and not just inflating their income with this bullshit model, the worst in the entire history of Aion publishers: pay-to-win required subscription botting goldselling no GM staff no customer service.

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