1950s american dating culture

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For the first part of the course, students examine evidence that supports an idealistic view of 1950s America.

They focus on ideas about consensus and contentment that play to their expectation of the period.

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They could not intertwine evaluations of sources, arguments, or ideas.At the end of each third of the course, students write an essay to answer the motivating question for that section.Students can rely on the source analyses they have completed over the course of the semester as they write their larger essays.They write several paragraphs about the source, including a summary, a critical analysis (author, audience, argument, intent), and a discussion of where the source fits with our definition of the American Way of Life.In this consideration of where a source fits, students are encouraged to pair the assigned source with those we have already read, either as a support or a challenge to ideas previously established in class.

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